How to get sh!t done with a sense of purpose

Grant Field
Grant Field, CEO Fedgroup

Apart from being full of infectious energy, Grant Field, CEO of FedGroup, has to be one of the most likeable CEOs I have ever met. No airs and graces, generous with his time and insights, and a man who clearly understands that purpose to come before profit if we want to have a thriving and sustainable economy.

I was first alerted to the business when I came across an ad for their soon-to-be-launched impact investment offering. I think it’s the most brilliant idea! Everything about it is just so ‘right’ and they deserve to do really well with it. More importantly, it caught my interest as to how they implement Purpose in the rest of the business – hence the interview.

What I learnt reaffirmed my theory that it all has to start with the CEO!

FedGroup doesn’t have the overt Purpose strategy that I encourage in my consulting, but it is so deeply ingrained in the DNA of the CEO that they are living it without even knowing it.

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