It’s a Shovel is aligned with a select group of industry leading players that bring specialist skills to assist in the implementation of the #ReputationWithPurpose journey.

CEO Branding

It’s a Shovel to proud to be the exclusive partner to Ascendant Group in sub Saharan Africa.

Ascendant Group is the world’s leading expert on CEO branding and a Founding Member of the Forbes Agency Council for the top PR & Ad companies in the world.

We can help you build and leverage your reputation to deliver business results!

Our clients appear in thought leadership, human interest and business expertise media placements in Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times and many others. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs; any compelling story is worth sharing. Let investors, clients and talent connect with the real you… and broaden your influence today!

Ascendant Group, built on referrals and inspired by trust since 2004.

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Employee Engagement

It’s a Shovel has partnered with Talent Posse to develop a ground breaking new approach to Employee Engagement.

Our model combines the body of psychological theory, including take outs from neuro-science and behavioural economics, with key insights from communications research and the latest communications trends to propose a solution for the current dire state of engagement and to prepare companies to drive engagement in the looming ‘future of work’ scenario.

For too long, HR and communications practitioners have lived in separate silos. Only by fully integrating can they jointly deliver to the business what it ultimately asks of them – highly productive and engaged employees delivering value to all stakeholders.

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Properly implementing effective sustainability strategies and then monitoring and reporting on your impact is critical to #ReputationWithPurpose. To this end It’s a Shovel has partnered with one of South Africa’s most highly regarded sustainability firms, SynergyGRC, to offer an end-to-end solution.

SynergyGRC, create sustainable business success

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