What is #ReputationWithPurpose?

Research shows that a 1 bps lift in reputation is worth an additional 2.6% of market cap.

Having a good product goes without saying, but beyond that there are three key drivers of reputation: Purpose-driven Leadership, Governance and Citizenship. Authentic and impactful, purpose-led sustainability strategies have the added benefit of being major drivers of employee engagement – if correctly communicated.

My unique #ReputationWithPurpose model will help you create value across all capitals.


Is your business ready for the new economy?In just 15 years more than half of theFortune 500 companies no longer exist, but it’s not about digital disruption, although that is an enabler. It’s because they were structurally unfit to survive in a changing world. In their ‘must read’ paper Breakthrough Business Models, Volans; Chairman, John Elkington summarises it perfectly (emphasis my own).

Too many business leaders still claim to have “embedded” the sustainability agenda, when at best they have taken on board elements of the closely linked Corporate Social Responsibility and Shared Value agendas. All good, as far as they go, but with system change now on the agenda they do not go nearly far enough. But if capitalism is to survive and thrive, today’s extraordinary must become tomorrow’s ordinary.

Trust in the entire system is broken. The role and expectations of business have changed. Stakeholders are more active than ever before. Social and environmental instability worsens daily. Geopolitical risks are high and climbing. Cyber security threatens us all.

Fortunately, there is a new way and the business case for sustainability has been proven – empirically! If you still don’t “believe” take a look at this meta study the Oxford University.

But putting out an integrated report is not enough. You need to embrace true Purpose!

Let me show you how!


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