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It's a Shovel teams up with Ascendant Global to bring CEO branding to Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s a Shovel partners with The Ascendant Group to bring the world’s leading CEO branding services to Sub Saharan Africa

The Ascendant Group welcomes Jessica Whitcutt Yellin, Founder of It’s a Shovel as Head of the new South African operations, extending Ascendant’s global footprint.


Wednesday, 28 August (Johannesburg, SA): Ascendant Group, a Founding Member of the Forbes Agency Council, today announced a strategic partnership with Jessica Whitcutt Yellin, Founder of It’s a Shovel, South Africa’s leading proponent of purpose-led reputation, to expand Ascendant’s service offering into Sub Saharan Africa.

The Ascendant Group has grown into the world’s most integrated CEO firm in the world since its launch in 2004 with offices across the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ascendant’s clients range from Fortune 500 executives and CEOs of mid-sized companies to athletes and authors.

Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, said: “We already serve clients in Egypt and Nigeria and are excited about expanding our footprint into Sub Saharan Africa.   Jessica will play a pivotal role in helping us make an even bigger impact for amazing CEOs around the world.”

Whilst a CEO’s brand has always been a component of a company’s reputation, there are increasing expectations on CEOs to be “human stewards” of value creation for all stakeholders rather than just the “heroic agents of shareholders”.

It’s a Shovel’s unique #ReputationWithPurpose model that helps CEOs build and leverage reputational capital through authentic organizational purpose is the perfect extension to Ascendant’s award-winning CEO branding methodologies.

Jessica Whitcutt Yellin explains: “Reputation is a key driver of financial performance and purposeful leadership is a key driver of reputation. In an age where trust in corporates is broken and yet there are so many expectations on corporates to lead the way in resolving the myriad challenges we face, it is crucial for leaders to embrace purpose and build this into their personal and professional brands.”


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