The Reputation Game Has Changed

The Reputation Game Has Changed

As the recent #MacroTrends report put out by the Reputation Institute says: “We are at a global strategic inflection point.”

With so many macro social, environmental, geopolitical and economic issues at play, managing one’s reputation on a micro level requires a far higher degree of insight and smarts than it did even just two or three years ago!

Today, successful management of your reputation requires a detailed understanding of your context, your stakeholders and your value add across all forms of capital. It requires a new approach to employee engagement and proper, strategic communications both internally and externally. But most importantly, it requires true moral fibre throughout the organisation – from shareholders to floor sweepers – and leadership with the gumption to stand for a purpose beyond profit!

My proprietary #ReputationWithPurpose model is designed to help companies define and meet their value creation objectives. I work with clients across the globe, in multiple sectors and at varying stages of maturity. Get in touch today to future proof your business –

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