Your business needs a clear Purpose to survive

Your business needs a clear Purpose to survive

I met with a potential client the other day and halfway through explaining to him how the old economic order is coming to an end and why it is now critical for a business to have a sustainability-based Purpose, he interrupted with, “And I suppose you believe in fairies, too?”

The old saying, “If you’re not a communist at 20 you have no heart, but if you’re not a capitalist by the time you are 30 you have no brain” seems to be so deeply ingrained into the Western psyche that I fear we will have to wait for all the old bulls to be put out to pasture before the desperate change that the world so requires has a chance to emerge.

I should have stood up and left right then but I took it upon myself to show him the light. As they say, none so blind as those who will not see! I wasted an hour and a half and all I can hope is that when he eventually goes bust, his employees jump ship before they drown.

Yes, there are a couple of enlightened C-suites who ‘get it’ and are making a difference and I suppose one could argue that market forces will weed out the weak, but it dumbfounds me that so many (mostly white, middle-age men) have ‘achieved’ as much as they have when they are clearly only interested in money. How did we allow this to happen?

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