Measurement and KPI’s

Measurement and KPIs

Flowing on from implementation is of course measurement and KPIs. How do you know if you are implementing the strategy properly if you haven’t set targets and aren’t measuring your progress towards them?

Detailed measurement and reporting also help translate the strategic communications work into the language understood by most executives – numbers and spreadsheets! I would create a dashboard for you that all service providers would agree to and against success is judged!

What you measure and how you measure it will depend on your objectives as well as the tools available for data collection and the budgets available for data analytics.

Insights and Analysis

As important as this number crunching is, being able to draw the right insights from the data is what brings It’s a Shovel’s strategic service offering full circle… develop the right strategy, implement it properly, measure progress along the way and adjust and adapt as required to make sure you meet your business objectives!