Meet Our Tribe

Andrea Sexton – Media relations

Andrea is a veteran of the public relations industry in South West England. She has superb contacts with the media across a number of different sectors. Specialising in the more ‘traditional’ PR channels such as TV, radio and print, she also uses the newer digital and social media methods to help clients establish their business and keep them in the public eye.

Andrea recently completed her MSc in Strategic Marketing and works with our Art team to build our clients’ relationships with the media and get them the coverage they deserve.

Azure Fey – Copywriting

Azure is passionate about developing narratives and telling stories that emotionally connect the audience. She is a strong advocate of a business being a force for good and has an uncanny ability to take the most complex and technical organisational issues and transform them into stories that resonate with the everyday person.

She is a crisis communications expert having managed a number of high profile reputation issues in her corporate career. She is also a former journalist with an in depth understanding of the media industry.

Azure, who holds a BA in Psychology, Sociology and Media Studies, sits in our Art team and is responsible for making sure that our copy is both powerful and effective.

Bill Vallis – Digital marketing

Bill is an accomplished communications specialist with deep experience in both agencies and on the client side. His experience includes the management of wide ranging campaigns for some of the UK’s best known IT and telecoms businesses, as well as running brand development programmes for ambitious SMEs across various sectors. Bill backs up a strategic understanding of B2B challenges with on-the-nail creative messaging.

He is a content marketing specialist who has had great success in delivering highly effective campaigns for clients. His deep understanding of channel marketing, digital marketing and direct mail combined with his highly regarded copywriting skills makes him a valuable asset to our Art team.

Claire Walmsley-Moss – Marketing

The lines between communications and marketing are ever more blurred and being able to work seamlessly across both disciplines is vital.  Claire is an extensively experienced senior marketing all-rounder who works with businesses and individuals who care about the impact they have locally and globally, now and in the future.

Working primarily within B2B and professional services industries for over 20 years, Claire is able to translate business requirements into actionable tasks through creating marketing materials and implementing marketing plans, devising B2B marketing and communications strategies for profile raising and communications activities, and then rolling-up her sleeves to deliver the work.

Claire is our bridge between the Science and Art teams making sure that all the nuances of strategy are executed with perfection.

Donovan de Souza – Visual storytelling

Donovan’s passion for visual storytelling started way back in the ’90s with three hugely successful years at Design School. He quickly realised that just like every great visual tells a story, every great story needs just the right visuals to make it extraordinary, and it’s a journey he’s been on ever since.

The world has never been more competitive than it is right now. Your ability to cut through the clutter and articulate your story or value proposition clearly can mean the difference between thriving or merely surviving.

For the last 20 years he’s been honing his skills and works with our Art team to help clients master the art of connecting with their audiences.

Eleanor Ward – Neuroscience

Ellie is an accomplished research professional in Social Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research interests span all aspects of human social interaction and she is passionate about understanding how our thoughts and behaviours are influenced by others. Her doctoral research has shown some of the first evidence that the way we see the world changes simply when another person is with us. She has shown how we can benefit from working and learning in the presence of other people, making decisions faster, and helping us to see the world through a multifaceted lens.

Ellie is currently working in collaboration with researchers at the University of Plymouth and at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova to better understand the social nature of our relationships with humanoid robots.

She works with our Science team to ensure that we bring the latest psychological and neuroscientific thinking to our work.

Henk Swanepoel – Events

Henk is an award-winning experiential guru with vast experience in conceptualising and meticulously implementing highly creative and memorable events and exhibitions.

An active networker, Henk has an extensive, global network of decision-makers and influential professionals across many verticals and industries including politicians, community leaders, artists and business leaders. He also has an outstanding record of accomplishment in sponsorships and fundraising.

Henk, who holds a degree in International Politics and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketers, works with our Art team to create enduring connections for our clients with their target audiences.

Jane Evans – Coaching

Jane is an internationally renowned expert, best selling author and TEDx speaker on the long term effects of childhood trauma – all of which carry over into our adult life and subconsciously impact our ability to communicate and build healthy, lasting connections, personal and professional relationships.

From decades of working with adults, children and young people at times of real crisis, Jane has learned and practiced highly effective ways to communicate at levels way beyond body language and words. She has studied a range of Sciences including neurophysiology, neurobiology, neuroscience, epigenetics and polyvagal theory, all of which are critical to effective communication.

Jane works together with both our Science and Art teams to ensure that our messages land correctly and she coaches individuals and organisations who are struggling to communicate effectively, realise their potential and create productive, authentic working relationships in the all-important skill of one-on-one and face-to-face communications.

Jay Roerade – Design

Jay is an award winning, multi-disciplined artist and designer. Over the past decade he has worked for agencies and clients internationally on projects covering design, illustration and typography. In 2006 he was presented a New Designers award by Kevin Mcloud for inspiration and innovation through Celebration Nation.  He loves drawing letters, illustrations and patterns for anything and everything he can get my hands on.

He has an impressive portfolio for high-end corporate branding and creative lead, editorial, surface pattern, typography, illustration, greetings, packaging, large format graphics and hand painted signage and murals.

Jay, part of our Art team, creates visual arts that help your audience engage with your message.

Jennifer van Schoor – Design

Jennifer is an accomplished graphic designer, with international experience across a wide range of communication media and roles. She holds a PhD in art history from Birkbeck College, University of London, which was developed part time, over a seven-year period and included extensive public and private archival research.

She is passionate about the power of design to connect with an audience. She believes that good design is not good enough anymore and that great design is a prerequisite. When something works right, looks right, and feels right, it sparks an emotional connection.

Her portfolio of work includes multiple awards, notably for magazine brand of the year at the 2019 PPA Awards.

Jennifer leads our Art function inspiring our diverse team and is integral in helping our Science team bring design thinking principles into all of our work.

Jessica Whitcutt Fagan (Founder & Chief) – Reputation management

Jessica is passionate about purpose and sustainability and set up It’s a Shovel in 2017, to help companies create value across all forms of capital for all stakeholders through her unique #ReputationWithPurpose model.

With 20 years’ experience in both agencies and multinational organisations, she has developed and run a number of highly successful and award winning, behaviour change campaigns.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, holds a BA Law and completed numerous executive development programmes both in South Africa and in the UK. She has a thorough understanding of both the commercial and reputational imperatives driving business performance and is dedicated to helping companies create value for all stakeholders.

Jessica heads up It’s a Shovel and works with the Science team to bring the latest purpose, sustainability and reputation thinking to the table.

Laureen van Aswegen – Value engineering

Laureen is passionate about helping businesses with end to end transformation for profitable growth using innovative value engineering practices and technologies.  She has held several technical leadership roles in end-to-end supply over her long career in global businesses.

She holds a BSc in Engineering, an MSc in Engineering, a Master of Business Leadership degree, a Certificate of Competence in Lean Manufacturing and is trained as both a Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt. She recently submitted her PhD thesis in Organisational Behaviour, an interest which stems from her desire to improve working lives in organisations.

Laureen believes deeply in the power of community development through social innovation and is a published author and a speaker at local and international conferences.

Laureen leads our Science team ensuring that we bring the best of our diverse thinking to the table to craft the most effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

Morag Macdonald – Photography

Morag is documentary photographer at heart. She is in love with the medium of photography and shares this enthusiasm with all she meets. She is an award winning photographer, lecturer and best selling author, specialising in beautiful, natural portraits as well as interiors, product and food. She has written a book on wedding photography and has won many awards for her documentary style work.

With 7 years’ experience of lecturing in photography, Morag holds a fellowship with the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and works with our Art team to create the pictures that say a thousand words.

Paul Cranwell – Media

Paul is a highly experienced media strategist whose deep understanding of the radio and audio markets puts him in a league of his own in this rapidly growing medium.

With senior leadership experience in retail as well as marketing agencies across the UK, he understands the advertising industry inside and out, and has worked on some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Paul works with our Art team to ensure that our clients’ paid media spend is deployed strategically and effectively across broadcast, print, outdoor and digital.

Robert Barnard-Weston – Sustainability

Robert has been involved in environmental and social responsibility strategy, culture change, education, training and communications for thirty years. He has published three books and many articles on sustainability; spoken at, facilitated and chaired numerous conferences and seminars and worked with a wide range of global, regional and national client organisations in the private, public and NGO sectors.

He holds degrees in Philosophy and Responsibility and Business Practice and teaches sustainable enterprise at the University of Bath School of Management. He is also a member of the Board of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners.

Robert works with our Science team to help companies find and embrace their higher purpose and implement leading sustainability practices.

Stephanie Leclercq – Investor relations

Stephanie is an accomplished investor relations professional and qualified CFA with more than 20 years’ experience. She has a proven ability to develop a compelling and concise investment case for diverse companies across varied industry sectors.

Underpinned by her experience as sell side analyst, she is adept at meaningful engagement with the investor community and senior management on all facets of the investment markets, including equity valuation and finance. She combines her technical expertise with the creative skill of bringing key messages into all stakeholder and regulatory communications.

Stephanie works with our Science team to bring rigorous investor relations to clients across all stages of the investment lifecycle.

Sunjay Singh – Video

Sunjay has produced award winning videos for numerous blue chip clients and has filmed across the world. He is passionate about helping companies bring their messages to life in what has fast become the world’s favourite medium – video.

He helps clients increase leads, increase brand awareness and increase conversion rates, and puts a strong focus on creating films that are sales and marketing tools. His mantra is Film with Thought, because video is an investment that needs to produce results.

Sunjay works with our Art team to produce both long and short form video content.

Thomas Oosthuizen – Brand strategy

Thomas is an internationally acclaimed brand strategist with a Doctorate in Integrated Communications – an academic and a highly successful commercial consultant. He has worked alongside leaders in over 25 markets to design and implement both business and brand strategies for global brands like Emirates, HSBC, Zoopla, T-Mobile, BP, MTN and many others. He moved to London as Global Consulting Director for the marketing technology group within WPP.

He believes that we need to think creatively about how to solve consumer problems. Any industry can be disrupted, but only superior thinking can outsmart deep resources. Business value is created from understanding human problems and finding unique solutions to them. Brand strategy and purpose needs to align with the business model, the people, the systems and other resources.

Thomas has developed many brands for clients from inception to market success. This includes all aspects of the brand, from value proposition to the alignment of resources to position it and deliver it to stakeholders.

Thomas is a key contributor to our Science team, helping our clients to find the necessary insights and translate this into winning brand propositions.

Tom Brady – Digital transformation

Tom is a digital marketing veteran with experience across global multinationals and some of the world’s best agencies. He advises on how technology can transformatively scale businesses and work as a mentor and advisor to third sector organisations around the world to try and move their agendas forward.

He is also interested in consensus models and the development of deliberative democracy, particularly the ways in which we can build empathy, understanding, common agendas and solutions that will help drive constructive and inclusive legislation.

Tom works with our Science team to make sure we think like digital natives and use the right technology for the right problems at the right time.