What is #ReputationWithPurpose?

Research shows that a 1% lift in reputation is worth an additional 2.6% in the valuation of your business.

Having a good product or service is just a table stake, your ticket to play – although it has been shown to give you the benefit of doubt. The key drivers of reputation and what really differentiates a business are the Purpose related elements:

  • Leadership
    • Inspirational, purpose-centred leaders whose legacies endure beyond their tenure
  • Governance
    • A culture of ethics underpinning the systems and processes that ensure good business
  • Citizenship
    • Business as a force for good
  • Workplace
    • Great talent, great culture, great engagement and great growth

Our unique #ReputationWithPurpose model will help you define your purpose, embed this in your business, implement the actions required to make it authentic, and build your reputational capital.

The outcome?

  • Happier, more engaged and innovative employees
  • Enhanced support and understanding from stakeholders
  • More and more loyal customers
  • Increased resilience to business shocks
  • Better bottom line performance

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Words like reputation, sustainability and purpose are bandied about a lot these days, but what do they really mean?

We’ve done a lot of thinking and writing on these topics, but here are some of our favourite videos to help explain the concepts.


Dr Charles Fombrun is often considered the father of modern thinking on corporate reputation. Here’s his quick insight into what reputation is.


Sustainability is not just about climate change, it’s about the full set of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals because they are all interconnected.

It’s about starting where you are. Using what you have. And doing what you can. Then 10X’ing it.


No one explains purpose better than Simon Sinek and even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again for a fresh dose of inspiration.